Bathroom Remodelling: How to Choose High-Quality Materials

If youre remodelling any part of your home, you want to make sure its done right. Especially in a room like the bathroomwhere constant use, traffic, steam, and water will put your flooring, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures to the testits important that everything be installed correctly. Its also very important that everything is high quality.

That last bit can be hard to know when youre going through the process of choosing items to use for your renovation. Does paying more for an item mean that it will last? Is it really worth springing for the high-dollar flooring material, for instance? Are you simply paying for a brand name in many cases, or are you really getting a better product?

The absolute best way to discern quality is through firsthand use and experience. That isnt any comfort when youre about to write a big check for renovation materials youve not used before. The next-best ways? Plenty of research and talking to a professional.


Do Your Online Homework

One of the great things about remodelling today is the wealth of information thats available online. You can learn the differences between various materials and brands. Comparison-shopping is easy, as you can check prices with just the click of a mouse. One great feature that online research provides is reviews, stories, and commentary from people who have used certain items in their own homes. Youll not just hear tales of how easy or hard it was to install a particular type of flooring; youll also be able to read how that flooring held up over time. Did it buckle after a few months of use? Did it bubble when exposed to water or steam? These are the important things youll want to know before you commit.


Bathroom Furniture 101

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you do your online research. One of the most important pieces youll purchase when you remodel your bathroom is your vanity. Whether youre buying a piece that was manufactured for use as a vanity or repurposing an old cabinet, you want to ensure that the item youre using is going to hold up well in a bathroom environment after its been purchased and installed. Take a look at the following when considering any bathroom vanity:

Materials Is it made of solid wood or plywood that consists of 9 or more layers? If so, this is excellent. Vanities that are made of flimsy plywood or materials such as fiberboard, particleboard, or pressboard are not good for bathroom environments where they could get wet, as exposure to water can cause them to swell and fall apart.

Drawers Vanities with floating bottoms and dust panels indicate a well-made piece of furniture. Drawers that open and close on metal glide rails is also a good sign; you also want the rails to feature stops to prevent the drawers from pulling all the way out. Beware bathroom furniture with drawers that dont have glide rails. Wooden drawers that slide in and out on the wooden frame of the cabinet are a sign that a bathroom vanity is not well made. In an older cabinet thats being repurposed for a vanity, this kind of drawer will be irritating to use (if the drawers dont stick altogether from expanding due to heat).

Furniture Frame Check to make sure any bathroom furniture youre considering sits evenly on the floor. It should sit firmly and be level. If it wobbles, shifts, or creaks as you lean on it or move it, this is a sign of shoddy workmanship.


Talk to a Professional

Finally, one of the best ways to choose high-quality bathroom materials is to talk to a remodelling professional. Give Kitchen and Bath a call at 905 581-3762 and talk to one of the designers. They know bathroom renovation inside and out, so theyve seen the good and can help you avoid the bad.

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