5 Ways to Create a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most frequently-used rooms in any Toronto home. If you have a family member who is getting older, youve probably needed to make changes to make things more accessible for them. Placing items on lower shelves in the kitchen, for instance, allows them to be independent while staying safe.

The bathroom is an area where simply shifting things around may not be enough. Youll likely reach a time where youll need to think about a thorough bathroom remodel. At Kitchen and Bath, we have many ideas on how you can make your bathroom safe and accessible, while keeping it looking beautiful. Here are 5 tips that will help you create a senior-friendly bathroom.

Handrails are a Help

To assist with balance when walking, sitting, or standing up, handrails (also known as grab bars) are a must. The great thing about bathroom design today is that there are handrails available in a variety of styles and colours. Many of the handrail options out there blend in and dont even look like handrails! Theres no reason that you need to sacrifice style for safety when you create a senior-friendly bathroom for your Toronto area home.

A Walk-In Shower is Easily Accessible


For those with stiff joints, who use a walker, or who are wheelchair-bound, a tub/shower combo simply wont work. Neither will walk-in showers with a large step that obstructs entry. The experts at Kitchen and Bath can help you with a shower redesign that is absolutely beautifuland 100% accessible.

Soak Stiff Joints in a Step-In Tub

Just because someone has trouble getting in and out of a traditional bathtub doesnt mean that they have to forgo a relaxing soak in the bath! Step-in tubs allow the elderly or infirm towell, simply step inside. They sit on a comfortable bench and shut a small door on the side of the tub. Many such tubs come with hand-held sprayers so the user can bathe themselves as they sit inside or they can simply sit back and wait for the water to fill. Some feature jets for the ultimate, relaxing tub experience. When theyre finished, the user simply drains the water, opens the door, and steps back out, rejuvenated and refreshed.

A Higher Toilet Is a Must


Often, elderly people suffer with weakness in their muscles, as well as knee and back pain. This can make getting back up off of a low toilet problematic and even dangerous. Thankfully, there are higher toilets available that make standing up much easier. Such toilets are often referred to as chair heightor comfort height,and they can make all the difference in the worldespecially when combined with handrails.   

Non-Slip Floor Surfaces Help Prevent Falls


If you have an older Toronto-area home, the floor surfaces may be worn or not up to todays safety standards. This can create a huge slip risk for elderly individuals, especially if those floors become wet. This is a huge concern in bathroom areas where steam, as well as dripping water, often results in wet floors. At Kitchen and Bath, were extremely familiar with the range of tile and natural stone flooring surfaces that will work well in your bathroom to make it look beautiful and up-to-date while keeping elderly family members stable and safe.


The good news is that you can create a senior-friendly bathroom that is also beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable to use. Give us a call at Kitchen and Bath and schedule a free in-home consultation so that we can share our ideas on how to best redesign your bathroom to suit your aging loved one.

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