12 Things to Think About Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

The thought of any kind of home renovation is really exciting: a new room, a fresh space in the home you have already come to love. Your bathroom is a room in your house that is used daily by all members of your family; from rushed teeth brushing in the morning to calm and relaxing bubble baths at night this is a room that has so many functions in your life. So before you start the exciting task of renovating your bathroom here are 12 things you should consider.


If you have ever done any home renovation before you know that the scope of it can quickly get out of hand, and with that your budget will go through the roof. It is really important to sit down and really consider what you can honestly afford for this project, and are you going to do it all yourself or are there parts you will need to hire professionals to complete? If you can do it all yourself then your budget may be smaller than if you needed to hire someone.  Once you have a high level overall number you can realistically afford you can start allocating amounts to fixtures, tile, floor, etc.


The time it takes to complete will depend on a couple things: the size of your bathroom, the fixtures you purchase (whether they are custom or ready to order), if you are completing it yourself or hiring a contractor, and so on. If you can hire someone your timeline might go a little smoother, but it may not fit into your budget. Your timeline will also depend on how much of your bathroom are you renovating. For example, are you only painting and replacing a shower head or are you ripping it back to the studs and replacing absolutely everything? It is important to determine this so you can realistically consider a timeline.


By knowing everything you are going to replace you can figure out a logical sequence for installation. By knowing what to install, and in what order you can actually avoid a lot of damage or mistakes and save on your budget.


If you are doing a complete over hall of your bathroom you should allow a contingency for some hidden issues to arise. This can be anything from surprise new flooring required or mold behind your bathtub when you rip it out. Either way, you should count on a surprise or two.


When you are thinking about this renovation you should think not only about the colours, texture and styles but also the functionality of the bathroom. Is it an ensuite for adult use only, or are you sharing this with children on a regular basis? Who is going to use this space is important when selecting your colours, tiles, fabric, etc. You should also consider the functionality when looking at vanities and storage options for this space.


You have probably heard to measure twice and cut once and here is no exception. You should double check all of your measurements because this is not only usually the smallest room in the house but you will also need to take into consideration where plumbing, pipes and wires are located. If you are thinking about moving these around you will want to have an estimate done before ordering anything to see where these fixtures can be moved to.


If a contractor is in your budget (and it is strongly recommended there is room for that) you will want to meet with more than one, and let them know you are talking to more than just them. You will want to get an estimate for all the work you are asking to get done, what their timeline is and ensure you have a way to hold them to their timeline. Be sure to get an estimate in writing so you can compare them afterwards.  Further, be honest about your expectations from them so both of you are on the same page when the project starts.

Plumbing Fixtures

Your shower and sink and various plumbing fixtures are a big feature in any bathroom. They can also become really pricey, so it is really important to determine how many of these you want to replace, or maybe what you can repair yourself such as replacing hardware on drawers or just putting in a brand new shower head instead of a whole new shower.

Cabinets, Storage and Shelving

What do you have in your bathroom now? Do you use all of the storage, or do you maybe need more storage? By figuring out what you want to get out of this you can easily determine what you will need to purchase. Make sure any cabinets or storage units you do purchase will work with the functionality you and your family need.

Walls and Flooring

Walls can be refreshed very easily with a new coat of paint or some wallpaper but replacing a floor can be a much larger undertaking. Do your floors need to be replaced, or will they work with your new design? Further, if you are not replacing your floors make sure they are well covered during your renovation so they are not damaged.


Is there a window in your bathroom? Do you need a new light fixture? If you have a window with lots of natural light this can really freshen up your room, but if you do not you will need to consider what kind of light you have in your space.

Going Green

Are you able to make your bathroom eco friendly or purchase products from sustains resources. This is just something to consider for the products you are going to purchase. This can include low flow toilets or vanities made from sustainable wood sources.

Before you begin your renovation it is important to consider the things mentioned so you can know exactly what to expect before you begin. If you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and your renovation is planned it can go so much smoother than if you go in blind and without a solid plan.

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