Timeless Tile Trends for Your Bathroom Renovation

Tile may seem like a small detail, but its an important part of remodelling any bathroom. As with any other kind of wall or floor covering, if you choose a style that doesnt age well, it will look old and outdated in several years. If youve ever walked into an older bathroom thats covered in Pepto Bismol pink tiles or ones that are decorated with eccentric designs, you fully understand the need to choose tile that will look just as good in twenty years as it does today. Here are a few tips to help you choose which tile will work perfectly for the bathroom in your Oakville/Mississauga home.

Pick Neutral Colours

Remember the pink bathroom tile we discussed above? Keeping that in mind. be sure to choose neutral-coloured tiles for your new bathroom. By doing this, youll ensure two things. First, neutral colours will age better and stay in style longer, meaning that you wont have to update your tile for many years to come. Second, if you sell your home, neutral colours will appeal to a wider audience of sellers than something thats incredibly bold or eclectic.

Bathroom Au Natural

One trend that seems to be here to stay is using natural and aged materials for home building and remodelling. Walk into any newly-constructed home or new restaurant around the Oakville or Mississauga area and youll likely see a combination of reclaimed and weathered wood, natural stones, and industrial-type items such as exposed metal beams and doors. Using these materials gives people the feeling that the area in question either sprung out of nature or was an older space that is being repurposed for something new. Either way, using natural or repurposed materials creates a style that is original and intriguing.

Tile Size Matters

Were not referring to bathroom size; rather, were talking about tile size. Large tiles have become more popular in recent years because they give your bathroom more of a clean look. Youll have fewer grout lines and everything will flow smoothly and look less busy. If you find smaller tiles that you like, rather than using them all over, pick an area youd like to accent and install them there. You can do a small mosaic on the shower wall or floor, for instance, that will look beautiful without being too much for the space.

Textured Tiles Bring out the Beauty

Just because youre choosing tile doesnt mean that everything has to be smooth, flat, and boring. There are a large variety of textured tiles available in every imaginable style and colour. Natural stone is perfect to bring the outdoors inside and really give your bathroom a spa-like feel. For something truly unusual, you can find tiles that mimic the look and grain of wood. Using these kinds of tiles can help take your bathroom from basic to beautiful.

Avoid Same-Same

When choosing tile, dont be afraid to choose one wall to tile in a different colour than the rest. You can make this wall contrast with the rest of your colour scheme in order to make it really stand out. For a subtler accent, choose colours that complement, rather than contrast. This will make the room more interesting without adding in colours or elements that seem too bold or outrageous.

The best way to get inspiration and ideas about which tiles will look great in your bathroom is to talk to a professional bathroom designer in Oakville/Mississauga. Our team at Kitchen and Bath would love to work with you to create the bathroom space youve always dreamed of!


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