The Bathtub Conundrum: Keep It or Lose It?

The Bathtub Conundrum: Keep It or Lose It?

Bathtubs used to be standard fixtures in every home bathroom in the Oakville and Mississauga area. Today, many people are forgoing the bath and using that space for other purposes. When you free up the area that a tub used to occupy, youll suddenly find room for extra storage and even a larger, more luxurious shower. But can you realistically ditch your bathtub? Its a big moveone you want to be sure of before you do it.  Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you consider having a bathroom renovation in Oakville/Mississauga.


Reasons to Keep the Tub

If you have children or are considering starting a family, having at least one bathtub is a must. Going tubless is also a mistake if at least one member of the household really enjoys frequent soaks. Some relax in a steaming hot tub to unwind and de-stress, while others spend time in a bath in order to remedy overworked muscles or achy joints. Take time to consider your lifestyle and how often you actually use your tub. Many people keep or install a tub with an unrealistic expectation that theyll take baths frequentlyand then the tub ends up sitting unused. 

Make the Most of Your Shower

If you do remove your tub, it will give you room to really make your shower the focal point of your bathroom. Working with a skilled contractor in the Oakville and Mississauga area, youll be able to get rid of your bath/shower insert and design a breathtaking walk-in shower. With glass walls on all side and a beautiful, swinging glass door, a walk-in shower will open up your bathroom space and provide views from all angles. Outfit it with gorgeous tile or natural stone. Choose the latest in shower fixtures such as a rain shower head, massaging jets and coloured lights. Best of all, youll be able to show off all of your selections because you wont be hiding your new shower behind a shower curtain.

The Best of Both Worlds

For people who are elderly or who have mobility issues, a walk-in bathtub can provide the best of both solutions. Because a walk-in tub sits more upright than a regular tub, they take up less space. The user simply opens the door and steps in. Once inside, they sit on a comfortable, built-in seat and latch the door. Many walk-in tubs have handheld shower heads. This enables the user to sit and take a shower, if theyd like. They can also run a tub of water, sit back and relax. A jetted walk-in bathtub provides the perfect relief for achy, arthritic joints.

Extra Space Means More Storage

Another plus of deleting a standard bathtub from your bathroom space is the opportunity to install extra storage. One of the most common complaints from homeowners in Mississauga and Oakville is that their bathrooms are too cluttered and crowded. Even an extra few square feet is huge when it comes to being able to sneak in a few extra drawers or a cabinet or two. Create room to store away extra towels, build in a laundry hamper for dirty clothes or install a bank of drawers to keep your toiletries organized and off your countertops.

A Professional Can Help

The best way to decide how to make the most of your space is to have an experienced contractor take a look at it and help you create a plan. The experts at Kitchen and Bath have been working with clients for years with bathroom renovations in the Oakville/Mississauga area both large and small. Give them a call and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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