The Bathroom Renovation Trend You Shouldn’t Miss

Its time for a bathroom renovation in your Oakville/Mississauga-area home. This is one of the most important areas of your home, and particularly the master bathroom. Design aesthetics come and go with time, but one trend that has come and stayed is turning your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Doing so is pretty simple as long as you know which areas to focus on and what materials to use to give your bathroom space a relaxing, Zen-like feel. These 3 tips will help you make the most of the spa bathroom trend thats popping up in homes everywhere.

  1. A Jetted Tub Turns into Spa-aaaaah

Professional designers know that in order to achieve a truly spa-like bathroom experience, you must have a jetted tub. Whether its freestanding or built-in, itll be a real focal point of your newly-designed bathroom. It will also be a big part of your relaxation routine. Who needs to visit the spa when you can relax in the heat and massaging bubbles of your own tub at home? Best of all, todays jetted tubs are much easier to clean and maintain than the ones of yesteryear. Many of them shoot air from their jets, rather than water, meaning that there is no chance of gunky buildup inside the jet piping system. A tub thats luxurious and easy to take care of? Yes, please!

  1. A Walk-In Shower Is a Must

Besides your tub, the next focal point of your bathroom will be your shower. Step into any newly-built luxury home in Oakville or Mississauga and you wont find a master shower thats enclosed with a shower curtain. Installing a walk-in, fully-glassed shower enclosure is the only way to go. It opens up your entire bathroom, making it feel more light and airy. Take the glass all the way up to the ceiling and turn your regular shower into a steam shower. In addition to all of this, with a full glass shower enclosure, you can show off the beautiful stone and tile choices youve made for the interior of the shower itself. For storage, a built-in shower shelf will be functional as well as beautiful.

  1. Bring Nature Inside

One of the most remarkable things about visiting a spa is how peaceful the environment is. In the best spas, this is due to the relaxing quiet, but also because of the soothing colours and materials they choose to design their facilities. When youre renovating your bathroom, consider materials such as wood and natural stone. Even if your home is located in the middle of the city, when you step into your bathroom, youll feel as though youve walked into a little part of nature. If you dont want to use real wood for your walls or floors, you can find tile thats designed to look like various woods. This is a great way to go for something thats waterproof and durableyou can even use it in the shower.

Choose colours that are natural, soft, and very muted. This will make your bathroom space a real sanctuaryone that you can escape to in order to get away from the frenetic energy and hubbub of the outside world.
If you have questions about what can be done to turn your bathroom into something thats functional for your lifestyle and also beautiful, give the team at Kitchen and Bath a call at (905) 581-3762.We’ve been helping people with their bathroom renovation in the Oakville and Mississauga area for years and are excited to see what we can do for you.

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