5 Reasons to Install a Guest Bathroom

When renovating a home, many people only think of updating the rooms they currently have. In a home where there is only a single bathroom, this can be a big mistake. There are real reasons to consider the space inside your home and figure out if a bathroom renovation in Oakville/Mississauga is a possibility. From making your home more user-friendly to adding real monetary value, an extra bathroom is an investment that can have huge rewards. Here are a few reasons why adding a guest bathroom makes perfect sense.

  1. Sharing a Bath is a Hassle

Sharing a single bathroom with your significant other can seem to be a juggling act on busy mornings. Taking turns showering and spending time in front of the mirror can turn into a bit of a push-and-shove if either of you are pressed for time. If you frequently host guests, this will add to the bathroom insanity. Including a guest bathroom in your renovation plans will provide huge relief to your morning scheduleand your sanity.

2. Got Kids? Give Them Their Own Bathroom

Kidsbathrooms are often a universe of their own. Special toddler-sized toilet seats, kid-themed shower curtains and bins of bath time toys are perfect for the under-10 crowd. However, these things arent very conducive to a soothing, spa-like, adult bathroom vibe. Why not give the kids their own bathroom that can be a kid-friendly paradise?

  1. Your Bathroom is a Private Space

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, medications and personal itemsa bathroom is the space where people store and use some of their most personal items. Keep your private items private by allowing guests a bathroom space of their own. Theyll probably appreciate the additional privacy, as well. It will make them feel more at home when they visit if they have their own space to organize their toiletries without feeling as though theyre encroaching on your personal space.  

  1. Maintain Your Spa-like Sanctuary

At the end of a long day, theres nothing like going into the bathroom, locking the door and running a hot bath. As you sink down into the relaxing, hot water, the cares of the day just melt away andthen theres a knock on the door. Your best friend is visiting for the weekend and her toddler son needs the bathroom NOW. Your quiet bath is interrupted as you hop out of the tub and scramble for a towel. By the time you get back in, the water is lukewarm and the spell has been broken.

All of this could have been avoided if you had an extra bathroom for guests to use! You get to maintain a quiet place to relax and unwind and guests dont have to feel as though they are imposing when they need to use the restroom unexpectedly. Installing a guest bath is a move where everyone wins.

  1. Increase Your Homes Value

Renovations such as adding a bathroom increase the value of your house in many ways. If you ever sell your home, its perceived value goes up in the eyes of potential buyers. For many people, having only one bathroom is viewed as a real negativeone that hurts your homes perception in the real estate market.  Adding a brand-new bathroom sets your home apart from the competition, making your home really shine when potential buyers walk through it. With an extra bathroom, your home will likely sell faster and at a higher price.

If youre unsure of how or where you can add an extra bathroom, call the team at Kitchen and Bath for your bathroom renovation in the Oakville/Mississauga area. Theyll schedule an in-home consultation with one of their designers who can get you on the path to getting that additional bathroom.

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