Five Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Huge

Tiny bathrooms are frustrating. Its hard to move around in them and theres never enough space to put your life’s necessities. Its depressing when the space thats supposed to be your sanctuary ends up feeling more like a closet. Luckily, there are easy and low-cost ways to turn the small bathroom into something thats not only livable, but that looks beautiful, as well. The best part is that all of this can be done without a bathroom renovation in your Mississauga/Oakville home. There won’t be any need to knock down any walls to make your actual bathroom space larger!

1. Use Light Colours

Especially if theres not enough natural light in your bathroom, lighter colours are useful to make the small space seem larger. Go with white tiles, white-painted walls, and light-coloured fixtures. There are different shades of white, so youll still be able to vary things and make them look interesting and stylish. Youll be amazed at how going lighter makes your bathroom seem much larger.

2. Ditch the Tub for an Amazing Shower

If you dont take baths often or need to bathe small children in your bathroom, another way to open it up is to get rid of your bathtub altogether and use that space to install a beautiful, walk-in shower. Youll lose the shower curtain, instead enclosing your shower in glass on all sides. This will make your bathroom seem much roomier. Once you get rid of the tub, youll find that you have room to install a truly spacious walk-in showerone that provides a truly luxurious experience every time you step into it.

3. Get Creative with Your Storage

Perhaps youre not totally remodelling the bathroom in your Oakville/Mississauga home, but youre looking for ways to save your sanity by adding storage. Try to think beyond your (very limited) cabinet space. Hanging spice racks on your bathroom walls will provide a place for you to store your lotions, shampoos, and assorted toiletries in an organized manner. Once you get these items off your sink and end the avalanche that happens every time you open your cabinet, youll appreciate your bathroom much more!

4. Hooks, Hooks, and More Hooks

In a really small bathroom, you dont always have room for a towel rod. The last thing you want is to have wet towels draped everywhere and no room to hang your bathrobe before you step into the shower. When your bathroom is short on space, hanging hooks are your friend. Unlike towel rods, hanging hooks dont require tons of horizontal space in order to be installed. You can put them anywhereon the back of the door, side of a cabinet, or on the wall.

5. Storage Solutions Can Be More Than Shelves and Drawers

Like the spice rack idea above, youre not limited to cabinet shelves and drawers when it comes to storage for all of your bathroom paraphernalia. You can get pull-out drawers for inside your cabinetsideal to avoid having to lean in and struggle to reach items that have been pushed all the way to the back. There are storage pods for various items that can stick or hang on the inside of cabinet doors, as well as storage that can hang on the backside of your bathroom door, as well.

If youre unsure about where to start with making your small bathroom livable and enjoyable, give the team at Kitchen and Bath a call. Theyve spent years helping people through kitchen and bathroom renovation in the Oakville/Mississauga area improve the enjoyment and value of their homes.

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