Benefits of Installing a Walk- In Tub

If you or a family member are aging or have mobility issues, the current bathroom in your Oakville/Mississauga home can begin to pose problems. A standard bathtub can become a safety threat for someone who has trouble stepping over the edge. Even if they only want to shower, the danger of stepping in and out becomes increasingly worse. The bathtub portion of a tub/shower combination often goes unused by older folks. People who can no longer lower themselves into the tub or stand up safely after a bath will be hesitant to take a relaxing bath at all. Walk-in showers are helpful, but if an individual has trouble standing for long periods of time or are prone to slipping, these can pose their own hazards.

If any of the above are concerns, it may be time for a bathroom renovation in Oakville/Mississauga to install a walk-in tub. These devices are wonderful for elderly people or those who have conditions that affect their ability to move or stand up. Here are 5 reasons that installing a walk-in tub makes sense.  

  1. Enhanced Safety Through a Walk-In Tub

With a walk-in tub, theres no stepping up and over the high side of a bathtub. The user simply opens a door in the side. They then use the safety rails to lower themselves onto the tub seat, shifting their feet inside once theyre seated. After closing and securing the door, they can bathe without fear of slipping, falling, or having to raise themselves up and out of a bathtub after theyre finished.

  1. Relaxation and Luxury

The wonderful thing about a walk-in tub is that they provide the ability for those with painful, arthritic joints to enjoy a relaxing soak. After the door is shut, the user can fill the tub up as far as theyd like, laying back on the back rest and enjoying the warmth. many walk-in tubs come with jets, turning them into an at-home spa experience. Add in your favorite soothing soaps and a walk-in tub provides a truly luxurious bathing experience.

3. Perfect for Shower Lovers

Some people hate to take baths and only prefer to bathe in a shower. Although theyre called walk-in tubs,the devices in question are great for those who prefer a long, hot shower, as well. Get a walk-in tub with a shower nozzle included and users can get in, shut the door, sit down, and relax under the hot water. Walk-in tubs with shower nozzles come with holders that allow you to adjust the water direction however you choose so that you can take a nice shower without shooting water all over the bathroom.

  1. Peace of Mind

When you have an elderly parent who lives alone, its challenging to balance giving them their independence with addressing concerns for their safety. One of the biggest worries is having them slip and fall, lying for hours before anyone realizes what has happened. A walk-in shower helps alleviate those concerns.

It also provides peace of mind for the individual who will be using the tub. People with mobility issues need no longer worry about getting hurt while bathing. They also dont have to worry about losing the ability to bathe independently.

5. Maintain a Spa-Like Look

One of the best things about a walk-in tub is that it doesnt give a sterile, cold appearance to your bathroom. Although theyre designed for those who have various medical issues that prevent them from using a regular tub or shower, a walk-in bathtub doesnt look like a medical device. In fact, they look great in the most luxurious, high-end bathrooms. Once installed, your walk-in tub will look like a built-in hot tubperfect for accenting with rolled-up towels and scented candles for a true home spa experience.
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