5 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

The ultimate form of relaxation is spending a quiet day getting pampered at a spa. Soaking in a bubbling hot tub, opening up your pores in a sauna, smelling the soothing scents, and relaxing to soft music in luxurious surroundings makes the spa experience one that people want to recreate at home by opting to have a bathroom renovation in the Oakville/Mississauga area.

Believe it or not, you can recreate that spa experience at home without spending a fortune. By making some creative changes to your master bathroom, you can turn it into a spa-like sanctuary where you can pamper yourself at the end of a stressful day. Here are our tips to take your space from basic bathroom to serene spa.


  1. When Choosing Colours, Keep Nature in Mind

If you think of the colours you typically see in a spa environment, youll realize that they are all typically soothing, muted tones. Theyre also all usually colours that you can find in nature. Soft off-white and cream colours are reminiscent of sand and stone. Sea foam green and light blue calls in the waters and the skies. Lighter tones of gray and brown bring in a feel of stone and wood. These colours help relax our eyes, as well as our minds.

  1. When Possible, Use Natural Elements

Another way to bring nature inside is to use materials that are (or at least seem) natural. If youre transforming your bathroom on a budget, natural stone may be a bit expensive, but there are tile versions that look amazing. Another bathroom-friendly option? Tiles that resemble the look and grain of real wood. These work well on floors, as well as in bath and shower areasmuch better than real wood, in fact, as you dont have to worry about them water-logging or warping.


  1. Invest in the Big Things

If you do change out large fixtures such as your bathtub or shower, let that be where you spend your money. If possible, a jetted or soaking tub will greatly boost your bathroom spa experience. If youre remodelling your shower, consider installing a walk-in shower that is completely glassed in. This will open up your bathroom, making it flow much better. Consider taking the glass all the way up to turn it into a steam shower and youll have a home sauna waiting anytime you want!

  1. Lighting Matters

Theres nothing less spa-like than walking into the bathroom, flipping the light switch, and being blinded by glaring, white lights. Its easy to have dimmer switches installed that allow you to control the level of lighting. If you need lots of light to apply makeup or tweeze your eyebrows, simply turn it all the way up. For a quiet soak in the tub, turn the lights down, take a deep breath, and just relax. Its best to have a professional bathroom renovation in the Oakville/ Mississauga area do this work for you to ensure that the wiring is installed safely and properly.

  1. Little Things Make a Big Difference

Turning your bathroom into a spa isnt just about big things such as putting in a new shower or buying a new bathtub. Simply installing a massaging shower head can transform your daily shower routine from a utility to a luxury. Sprinkle essential oils around the edge of your shower before you turn on the hot water and enjoy the heavenly scents as the steam carries them upwards. Bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker into the bathroom and play soothing music as you relax there. In addition to all of this, make an effort to keep your bathroom free of clutter so that when you enter it, you feel a sense of calm, rather than feeling stressed. Accent it with strategically-placed, rolled-up towels and washcloths.

These tipsboth big and smallwill put you on the path to a spa bathroom that you can enjoy every single day. For more ideas about what can be done with your space, contact the team at Kitchen and Bath at (905) 581-3762. Theyll schedule a visit to your Oakville or Mississauga-area home for a free consultation to see how to help you design the bathroom youve always wanted.