Vanities in Toronto & Mississauga

Should you find yourself ready for a bathroom renovation or remodeling project there are many areas to consider depending on your budget and level of customization.  Folks in the Mississauga and Toronto areas should not shy away from performing these upgrades because studies have shown that homes in the region tend to yield a return of 80-100% of the investment in both bathroom and kitchen renovations.  For that reason you should make your plans with confidence and not be afraid to dream!  Unfortunately our budgets do not always match those champagne dreams, so if you fall into that category, you might consider making smaller renovations in intervals that are easier for you to handle financially over an extended period of time.  An excellent place to begin is with your bathroom vanity.

Before you make a purchase.

Vanities can provide an immediate upgrade much the same way new tile or fresh paint can in your bathroom and they achieve this feat due to their visual impact.  Before you make a purchase, you might want to consider the colour scheme and layout of your bathroom so that you’ve got an idea if you want painted or stained cabinetry and the measurements to help you avoid buying a vanity that is too large or small for the space.  These factors can help you decide whether to buy a built-in unit or a freestanding one, with the latter being better suited for smaller bathrooms.  You might also consider purchasing the top with the unit, which is generally a better bargain provided that you understand you may not get exactly the colour you were hoping.  Buying the top separately will allow you that customization, but you may end up spending a bit more.

There are plenty of options at your disposal when it comes to bathroom vanities and some of the most common things to consider include:

  • Finish – As mentioned above, you can go with a connected top or one that you buy separately, but purchasing them individually will ultimately cost more. You can expect to find finishes in metal, glass and wood with connected units have common colours like white, black or gray options.
  • Size – This would go back to the measured space you have at your disposal. If you bathroom is expansive and modestly apportioned, you might consider a larger bathroom vanity of one with two sinks.
  • Storage – Understanding who will be using the vanity can help a lot with determining the size and scope of the furniture. Bathrooms with frequent use generally benefit from more cabinets and drawers to house cleaning products and extra linens.
  • Wood – This is purely an option to consider when your budget is not your primary concern. Typically engineered wood or pine is the norm with prices increasing dramatically as you move toward hardwood options like oak and maple.
  • Hardware – This is probably the easiest part of choosing a vanity and although hardware can get pricey, it is not nearly as large a commitment as say, new tile or the vanity itself. Should you decide on an option that doesn’t suit you later on, you can easily change it on a weekend when your budget allows.

These are great tips and options to consider when you are looking for a bathroom vanity, but if you are struggling to commit, you might consider talking to the pros at Kitchen and Bath that service the Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area.  We would be happy to help you find and install the vanity that is right for your home.

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