Pedestal vs Vanity Sink

When remodeling a bathroom you may be considering switching your vanity sink to a pedestal or the other way around. If you are thinking about this there are definitely pros and cons to each style, and it really depends on your personal style, preference and what you ultimately want your bathroom to look like. Before you go out and make this major purchase you might want to consider the following information and pros and cons of each.

Before you even make the decision as to which style you want, there are three questions you can ask yourself to perhaps help you lean towards one or the other

  1. Do you need any kind of storage space in quick reach while using the bathroom? This would include maybe storage of cleaning products, toilet paper and perhaps personal toiletries.

  2. Do you want the room to look more traditional, or modern?

  3. If this renovation being done in your primary, or secondary bathroom? Depending on how much use this particular bathroom gets it could determine which one is right for you.

The Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks commonly give the room a much more fresh, clean and simple look. This is a type of sink where the base and the actual sink are seamlessly blended together, so it does not have any room for storage in the bottom. This style is always stylish and trendy, and adds a modern look to any bathroom.

Pros to a Pedestal Sink

  • They are great for powder rooms or half bathrooms where you do not really need any storage, but just need a sink for guests to wash their hands. Plus if this is the style your guests are seeing they will definitely see your stylish side.

  • They do not take up much space so for small, tight spaces this is a great option.

  • Easy to clean

  • Since there is not any counter top space they will eliminate the clutter that typically happens in bathrooms.

  • They are usually made of highly durable materials.

Cons to a Pedestal Sink

  • Cost – this style of sink can cost a decent amount more than their vanity counterparts

  • No storage space, so if you are putting this style into the only bathroom or main bathroom in your home you may want to take into consideration you will need additional storage options for towels and personal items.

  • The installation of these are quite complicated, and it is usually recommended that a professional be called in to install them properly. Since there is not any storage in these all of the plumbing has to be hidden in the walls and maneuvered around the base of the pedestal sink.

The Vanity Sink

Typically vanity sinks have been thought to be larger units, but more recently they are coming in smaller sizes made to fit into tighter bathroom spaces. Even the smaller ones still allow for storage so you can keep personal items, towels and even cleaning supplies.

Pros to a Vanity Sink

  • Tons of room for all the bathroom accessories and storage items you might need.

  • Allows for better resale value, if you decide to sell your home

  • Do not have to worry about running out of toilet paper since you can keep it under the sink and it is always available.

  • Current style vanities can add a lot to your bathroom, since a lot of them are very modern and chic.

  • They are really easy to install, you can even install them yourself so you do not have to call in the professionals for this one.

  • They are, usually, much more affordable than their pedestal counterparts.

Cons to a Vanity Sink

  • Size can cause issues: if you have the wrong size vanity it can seem really out of proportion in a small bathroom. However if you have a small vanity, even if a half bathroom, the proportion will not look off.

The Final Verdict

Bathroom vanities, overall, provide a lot more function to a bathroom especially one that is used by a busy family household. A vanity is recommended to be installed in your primary bathroom – the one that gets the most daily traffic. A pedestal sink is a fantastic option to install in your half bathroom, or guest bathroom, because it is very stylish and works in small spaces. There is a third, less common option, of wall-mounted cabinets. They are just as functional as a vanity but often look like they belong more with a pedestal sink; they are very stylish and are available in a variety of designs and finishes. Overall, there really is not a definitive answer as to what is the right way to go because it really depends on the function of your bathroom and how often it gets use. By reviewing the pros and cons to each, and how each one functions best hopefully you will be able to make the right decision for your bathroom renovation project.


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